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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rollin', rollin', rollin...

A short bits roundup of sorts...

Point Five wants us all to align our monitors pointing North (but doesn't say which end to point that way).

Kender and Cao each go on a tear (and rightly so!) at The Wide Awakes.

The MaryHunter pulls a "Wait 'til your daddy gets home!" with "When Jesus Returns, Boy Oh Boy..." *heh*

Musings from Brian J. Noggle poses a bad analogybetween home ownership and "blaster cars'" stereos owned by cretinous vermin who think nothing of assaulting people with physically harmful noise. Nice try, Bri, but motor vehicles are licensed for a good reason: public safety. And my hearing's safety is in danger with those abominations on the road...

Check out Kris' ongoing auction at Anywhere but Here. Some really nice artwork going out the door.

"If You Believe In Nothing You'll Fall For Anything" Riffing off a comment on her blog, Alexanfra von Maltzen disects The Hollow Men. No, not the poem; the Democratic Party. You tell 'em, Alexandra!

Just a neat find: The Two Grenadiers (in English and German--and an mp3 performance in English). Not just a neat song, something a little more behind the curtain... h.t. to one of Jerry Pournelle's readers.

Speaking of Pournelle, his brief (very brief) discourse on governance in the Middle East is provocative, to say the least. Pay attention while Professor Pournelle *s* holds forth.

There. A very brief roundup. Let me once again recommend The Founders Constitution and The Fair Tax Book, as well, for longer reads.