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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Something we WON'T see from our jackasses in D.C.

Bolivian leader cuts his salary in half

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) - Bolivian President Evo Morales cut his salary in half and ordered that no Cabinet minister collect a higher wage than his own, with the savings being used to hire more public school teachers.

Yeh, now that's something we need from prezes and congresscritters. Include all the perks, too. Cut 'em to the bone. Not only that, but make 'em ALL give up their cushy government pensions and rely on Social Security.

No, let's go a little further: Congresscritters should make not one dime more than the mean after tax income of all citizens over the age of 16 in their congressional district (or state, in the case of senators). And that income should reflect ALL benefits, perks and retirement. President and cabinet members, etc.? Not one thin dime more in income, benefits, etc., than the mean after tax income of citizens of the United States 16 years of age and older.

Judges and Supremes? Limit them the same. (Oh, and select 50% of all government workers-by lot or by whim or by salary: highest first to go and work on down 'til half are excised- build a fence in Utah around the most desolate land available, confine these critters there and "pension" 'em off at half pay. Better yet, just feed 'em and warehouse 'em. Allow vigilance groups to patrol the fence with open season on any "retired" civil service "workers" who attempt to leave.Do not hire replacements for these "retired" civil service "workers.")

Extend this "rule of income" for five years (or longer) after the fed official leaves office and bar them and any member of their family from anything remotely resembling lobbying for life.

You know who we'd then have running for office? People who were a LOT closer to the citizen-statesmen the Founders envisioned. People who would truly be more likely to enter public office to serve, and then go back to their private lives.

And MUCH less likely to take from those who work for a living and waste on pork.

What chance is there of something like this happening? Well, you know that proverbial snowball in hell? About that. Or, maybe about the chance of Diogenes finding an honest congresscritter in D.C.

Lobbying for this amendment at TMH's Bacon Bits.

Making a hard left, here, in response to one of Woody's comments. Here's a repost of a business card I pulled off a local TWC bulletin board... Cleaners_redacted Yep. That does indeed say "We clean meth houses... " Just another way that druggies (and the "war" on them) benefit enterprising TWC residents...