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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Time Out

A little forced quiet on this lil loudmouthed blog, until my ISP figures out why a scant 1/4" of rain can take down 576 customers' connections. Back on backup dialup, and I just can't live like that. (Hugh: I feel your pain. :-) IF my ISP can find where a squirrel ran across their lines and opened the spigot on my information pipe, causing severe leakages (don't worry about understanding that: it's highly technical jargon--heh), then I'll be back. Until then, enjoy the silence. Or not. (Like, I can tell you what to do? Fav response to the jejune "Have a nice day"--"You're not the boss of me." :-) Quick Update: just looked at the "576" number again... given where my ISP (the local cable company) markets its product, that would be... just about their entire customer base in America's Third World County. Ought to make it easier to track down the problem, eh? I'm sure they will, eventually. *sigh*