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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The third world county "So, maybe they're commandments and maybe not" of blogging

Ya wanna make something of it?


Sam, at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns has offered Sam's 10 Commandments Of Blogging, Angel, of Woman Honor Thyself has a thoughtful piece up about blogging, Can Anyone Write a Blog?, and lady Diane has posts and tons of comments about her woes blogging (hosting, servers, wonky reloads, etc.). so I figure it's that time of year again, you know, when posts about blogging are in the air, like pollen.

So here goes, my own ten not-quite-commandments, more like "get-a-clues" about blogging. Something for everyone in here—the good, the bad and the execrably ugly—somewhere, although the ones for truly bad bloggers will never be seen, I trust, cos by now I think I've run most of them off screaming, to weep and wail and gnash their teeth in outer darkness. Or the upper reaches of TTLB's inbred blog-game. Close.

10. Thou shalt not offend the dumbass chattering boobies by allowing offensive comments on thy blog¹. Practice safe commenting on your blog. These days, you never know when someone will accuse you of warping a rare vinyl of Pink Floyd by allowing a dangerous, seditious or truly weird comment on your blog. I suggest posting this disclaimer at the header of your comments section:

Look, you guys: I am NOT, repeat NOT responsible for what some asshat says in comments. If, repeat IF I have the time, energy and brainpower after a day that has turned my brain to mush, I MIGHT be able to read through and comprehend alla the comments posted. IF, repeat IF I find something in comments that IN MY OPINION is plainly slanderous, seditious or otherwise dangerous, exceptionally stupid or destructive or harmful, I'll probably delete it. I may make fun of it or slash it to ribbons with my own (opinion) commentary. If YOU find something in comments that YOU opine is plainly slanderous, seditious or otherwise dangerous, exceptionally stupid or destructive or harmful, PLEASE let me know via email and I'll TRY to have the time, energy and mental wherewithal to deal with it. But I can make no promises. I'm only human and will do my best. There are plainly too many loons out there for me to police everything, so CUT ME SOME SLACK. It's only a blog, for heaven's sake!
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