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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The FairTax Book—Now in Paperback!

Of the critical issues facing America today-Islamic terrorism (heck, Islam. Leave it at that); Alien Invasion; Wavering manufacturing capabilities and other economic amphiboli; The staggering failure of public education and the eventual collapse of Social Security along with whatever straw breaks the camel's back of our national debt, one issue can be addressed clearly, unequivocally and effectively now:

The crippling income tax system.

In fact, the Fair tax bill now in Congress can actually have a positive effect on most of the critical issues listed above.

Not so much on Islamic Jihad, though the effects of a strengthened economy the Fair Tax would promote would even have some effect there.

The Alien Invasion? Wouldn't it be nice if all the illegal aliens paid federal taxes? No, really. And got not one dime back in "refunds"? The Fair tax would make that a certainty. A rock solid sure thing.

(Nanny-nanny-boo-boo to President Bush's, fake "pay a meaningful penalty".)

Social Security and Medicare? Fully funded with the Fair Tax.

And <em>everyone </em>gets a refund on taxed necessities up to the poverty level. <em>Everyone</em>. Completely fair. Completely non-regressive. Absolutely progressive. Fairly, since it only taxes purchases at retail.

But you NEED to know all about what the Fair Tax will do so you can intelligently talk to your congresscritters and your friends, relatives and business associates/coworkers about it.

Now, it's less expensive to be fully informed. The Fair tax Book is in paperback, and it's under $10.

Do yourself, your children and your grandchildren a favor and buy a copy (or two) and read it-no! <em>study</em> it, and learn what you need to know to be fully informed.

It is that important, folks.

Make April 15 just another day!

The Fair Tax Book : Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS

The Fair Tax Book : Saying Goodbye to the Income Tax and the IRS

Also seen at the other third world county

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Weapon

The Weapon (Freehold War)

The Weapon

Michael Z. Williamson has the right idea about dealing with terrorists...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hey Rube!

OK, the downside of living in America's Third World County™. *sigh*

For the past eleven years, we've lived in a very quiet neighborhood in a small town in America's Third World County™ where the loudest disturbances have been dogs barking at invading wildlife, the occasional sound of hunters over the hill (maybe a quarter mile off and well over a hill) during deer season and the mostly distant sound of the trains passing through, which everyone in town hears.

None of this is a patch on city traffic, C-130s doing touch-and-gos and MLRS launches that were common where we moved from (heck, some of the missle launches weren't a patch on the artillary range impacts which could be heard miles away).

But recently, here in our quiet cul de sac, we've had to consider dealing with a different set of noises. Some young 20-somethings were able to swing financing the house our good neighbor moved out of a few years after losing his wife to cancer (a long story there). They got it for a song—not a patch on what our former neighbor had paid (some problems with a city right-of-way had forced demo-ing a portion of the house *sigh*), but still... Yeh, seem like nice kids, but...

...it's been a while, a pretty good long while (back when we bought and began rennovating a bungalow in "the better part of the ghetto" in KCMO when we were just newlywed pups), since we've had to put up with loud, drunken parties late on Saturday night/early Sunday mornings—or at any time, for that matter. Heck, they have a nice back yard, so why do they have to congregate and do their loud, drunken hootin' andf hollerin' in their front yard, just a bit away from our bedroom windows?

OK, I've stifled my natural tendencies, and all of our neighbors and their drunken friends are still alive and unmarked (by me, at least). And my blood pressure isn't all that bad right now, either.


Before I TAKE STEPS, I thought I'd solicit the considered thoughts of readers here: what helpful hints (beyond buying/renting/building a "Sonic Laser" *heh*) would you suggest for dealing with these drunks?

Comments (or even whole posts tracked back to this one) welcome.

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