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Monday, October 31, 2005

Just pull the plug: they're educrats, therefore brain dead.

Jerry Pournellediscovers that “educators” in California think they can do better than King Canute.

“…the State of California officially insists that all children in the public school system be educated to above average. I will explain and do a short essay on that, but I am not making it up. The D.Ed. types in Sacramento apparently were so deficient in their math education that they do not understand that this is impossible.”


Stolen Pleasures--iHillary comments on Alito

Stolen outright *s* from iHillary.com (Forgiveness is easier to ask than permission, Pete.) ;-)
Now, it only remains to be seen if Republican't Senators have anything elephant-sized save their... uhm, trunks.

Quick! Spread the 'Karl Rove IS Machiavelli' meme...

[Throw some sand in various moonbat gears, eh?] So, Alito’s next. The big question: will Republican’t Senators do a pants check and find—to everyone’s amazement—the stones to carry the nomination through?

For those who aren’t familiar with “Scallia Lite” try the Wikipedia entry for Samuel A. Alito Jr., which includes this comment in a section on opinions he’s authored”

Alito wrote the opinion for ACLU v. Schundler (1999), holding that a holiday display on city property did not violate the Establishment Clause because it included secular symbols, such as a large plastic Santa Claus, in addition to religious symbols.
(There's more, of course)
I have several problems with the opinion, but at least it has the virtue of slapping the ACLU in the face (even while giving it a "mini-win" in framing the argument about religious expression in the public square*).

Alito’s nomination may well be the raw meat some on the Right have wanted. Donnybrook coming? Or tempest in a teacup (dunno: if Teddy slurs in with something,  it may become a dark and stormy night in Chappaquiddick. Mary Jo Kopeckne could not be reached for comment)? Expect some attempt to spray metrosexual demoncrapped Republican’t Senators with some artificial testosterone so that they’ll uncharacteristically attempt to act like a majority party.

Will this nomination demonstrate that Karl Rove really is channeling Niccolo Machiavelli? No, but it may fuel that sort of speculation among the Demoncrappic Underpants, the Daily Kosoverians and other podpeople, moonbats and speech-impaired piscines (Oh my!).

*Allowing the ACLU to have their "mini-win" by framing the religious expression in the public arena as a "religious v. secular" cultural balance issue is problematic. And not at all within the Framers' thinking. Less of an originalist than I'd ideally want on the court, but then aren't all the viable options in that vein? *sigh* Open Trackback/Linked at Euphoric Reality's comments at DROP ZONE Open Post: Samuel Alito Is Next, Stop the ACLU's Bush Nominates Samuel A. Alito for Supreme Court and TMH's bacon Bits' grinning WaPo: Alito To Get SCOTUS Nomination.

Guard the Borders—Fences and Gates II

“There are probably about 12,000,000 illegal immigrants in the U.S. How do you round up this many people? How many cops would it take?”

Dafydd ab Hugh makes some troubling observations… and talks some hard sense about how we need to Guard Our Borders. On some minutiae, I can find points to quibble with him (processing 12 million illegals—or 20 million—for deportation need not “take more than 37 years” for example… still, I’d hate to entrench the bureaucratic army it’d take to do it more quickly *sigh*), but he has the broad picture roughed in well. Unless the U.S. does first stop the flood of illegals and then make a way for those who want to enter our country (or are already here, in some cases) for otherwise lawful and decent behavior to do so—and be assimilated into our culture!—we are in very serious trouble.

A fence and gates. Get rid of those who are here to wreak havoc in our society; expel those who refuse to actually become Americans and contribute to a healthy American society. Let me modify that to “Get rid of those illegal aliens… ” since otherwise the statement above could as easily apply to Teddy Kennedy, Jean Fraud sKerry and their ilk. heh.


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to kit.jarrell at gmail dot com.

Blogs already on board:

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Eats!

Carnival of the Recipes #63—enough good eats to scare the pants off dieters... Check the delish stuff out here.

Pastor electrocuted while peforming baptism

“Testing… testing… 1… 2… “

Lovely Daughter just brought me this. She’d been checking a friend’s Xanga notes (the friend attends the church noted in the article below) and found this.

A good argument for having trained sound techs and better mic-ing.


The site linked above requires registration, so here’s the meat:

WACO, Texas - A pastor performing a baptism was electrocuted inside his church Sunday morning after grabbing a microphone while partially submerged, a worker at the church said.

University Baptist Church Rev. Kyle Lake, 33, was standing in water up to his shoulder in a baptismal when electrocuted, said Jamie Dudley, wife of UBC community pastor Ben Dudley and a business adminstrator at the church.

Hmmm… another contributing factor:

“…doctors attending the service did chest compressions for 40 minutes before Lake was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center.”

Looks like I’m glad I live in America’s Third World County™ instead of Waco, Texas. When my own Wonder Woman’s heart stopped one day seven years (three weeks and six days) ago, the EMTs were HERE in well under 15 minutes, and by the time 40 minutes had gone by, she’d already had another episode of SCD in the hospital… 15 minutes away.

He leaves a wife, three children and a grieving congregation behind.

“…we know that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose...”

Update: In comments, a virulent, pustulant leftist spews some hate, offering himself as an example for an expanded version of Michelle Malkin's new book, Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild. God must be punishing him. He must have been gay. (toad734) I'm not giving the hatemonger any front page linkage... and if he wants to play this kind of game, he may discover that what he wants will give him a rash... Yes, the left really is populated by people who openly slander and rejoice in the death of someone just because they are a Christian. Sounds kinda like an Islamic jihadist murdering savage, eh? At the very least, it seems "toad734" shares the values of those who celebrate whenever an Islamic jihadist murdering savage SOB kills someone who doesn't share their moon god religion. Islamic jihadist murdering savage. Sick bastard.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

You'll do better betting on the horses...

…than betting on the Republican so-called “majority” in the Senate being able to show some backbone.

Taken from a comment made at TMH’s Bacon Bits


I'm still on the fence as to whether the Miers nomination/Loony RIGHT Moonbat flap/withdrawal was a Machiavellian plot to trap Republican't Senators into faking some testosterone... or Divine intervention to accomplish the same end.

I don't think Karl Rove is Niccolo Machiavelli re-incarnated, but ya never can tell, the way this is now shaping up. Republican't Senators who let Demoncrap Senators push them around over the Brown nomination in 2002 (and just barely found enough synthetic testosterone to get the job done with her nomination this year) are now thumping their (hairless metrosexual, Demoncrap-inspired) chests to a degree that perhaps GWB can slip Janice Rogers Brown into the SCOTUS.

But I fully expect the Republican't Senators to fully embrace their "We're the Stupid Party, and we're determined to follow the Demoncraps' game plan!" model of recent memory.

It's a crap shoot: can the Eunuchs of the Republican't Senate actually stand up to the Demoncraps? Time will tell. (And what it will tell is, "Probably not.")

Friday, October 28, 2005

After taxes, about $3.00

Found this puppy at Cao's. Whadda ya think? Should I sell out? :-)

My blog is worth $120,811.56.
How much is your blog worth?


OK, so what's with all the traffic I'm getting to this post over the last month from people searching for "swedish pants"? What's that all about, anyway? People all over the world searching for "swedish pants" and ending up here. I dunno. Some people are just stupid, I guess... (Make of that what you will. ;-)

Elitism, Boccaccio-style...

I get flashes of Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron as I read Peggy Noonan writing about "...Our elites, our educated and successful professionals, are the ones who are supposed to dig us out and lead us...." in her article titled "A Separate Peace" from yesterday's Opinion Journal. A thoughtful read. It may have you studying survival manuals and heading for the hills, though. I suspect, though, that Noonan is being too kind in her assessment that there are two groups of the elite, one that's made 'a separate peace" with the fact that our society's off track and veering for a crash and one that's working diligently to get it back on track and steered to safety. No, I suspect the first group is made up largely of those who have worked diligently to destroy our society and are now enjoying the fruits of their anarcho-tyranny. Or are still working feverishly to hasten America's crash. If Noonan is right about the direction our society is headed, I suspect the self-appointed deconstructionists (like the ACLU) are beginning to celebrate their anticipated victory in the 80-plus-year war of subversion they have been waging to destroy America. (Yeh, feeling a bit disgruntled today. Not full-blown curmudgeonry, yet, but that may well yet come... :-) Linked at Cao's Blog Friday Open Trackback party

Further thoughts on Miers/SCOTUS

Commenting over on Liberal Quicksand... ...where a neat "guess who" game's being played out on some intriguing quotes. It struck me, "Hmmm... there's a blogpost in this somewhere." heh Sooo... here is an edited reproduction and (very) slight expansion of those comments.
Janice Rogers Brown? When Republican Senators whimped out the last time her name was brought forward (2003)*, they taught GWB a lesson: most Republican Senators have no stones... and no sensible philosophy of "advice and consent"—best to play without counting on their support. Two years of stalling by Dems aided by whimps on the Republican side of the aisle. Shameful. [Brown w]oulda been on my VERY short list for the SCOTUS. Would have preferred her to Miers, but Republicant Senators and hypocritical whines and screams from ill-qualified pundits like the egregious David Frum have pretty well settled the deal: everything will be played by the Democraps' rules from here on out. Brown is now a very dark horse... [Next day] Slept on this one. Were Machiavelli pulling the White House strings, I might suspect the Miers nomination to have been a stalking horse, effected to stiffen the spine of some single-celled Republican Senators. But surely no one in the White House—not even Karl "Satan Incarnate (to Demoncraps)" Rove—is that Machiavellian... are they?
*Yeh, yeh, I know Brown was "brought forward" in the "Snooty Boys' Club" again this year and FINALLY she was given her proper place.

Updating Aquinas...

Excerpted from "Letter from A Young Jacobin"
From grade inflation… Deliver us, Oh Lord From the depredations of sports-besotted administrators Defend us, Oh God And remember education departments, their fads and empty promises Smite them, Sweet God, in your mercy
Amen. PS—from the "Young Jacobin's" own postscript:
"...if I were the head of a Committee of Public Safety for a day I would let lose the guillotines on every dept. of ed in this country (both faculty and grad students just to be sure) and burn every book ever written by someone with a PhD in education. It wouldn’t solve all of our problems I know, but a) damn it would be fun and just, a thousand times just and b) it would be a good start, esp. since I would only have a day."
Preach on, brother, preach on! (And were I Emperor of America, I'd appoint this "Young Jacobin" as "head of a Committee of Public Safety" for as long as it took to erradicate the breed of pestilence he rails against.) heh edited to close that darned parentheses... *sigh* ;-)

Friday Edublog/Rant

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”—George Santayana

A sad commentary on “prisons for kids” today.

Jerry Pournelle notes:

The Lays of Ancient Rome was once part of high school education; indeed I read the Horatius in 6th Grade in Capleville, Tennessee. Now of course we were a poor school district, and couldn't afford expensive textbooks, so our readers tended to be filled with public domain materials. Still, I am not at all sure that was inferior to the expensive books filled with squish now written for our students.

I’d read Tacitus and Plutarch (and others) on my own by the time my high school years had rolled past. All we had in school were textbooks filled with what I thought of as the kind of “squish” Pournelle refers to above.

And that was 40 years ago.

The link is to Pournelle’s intro to Macaulay's “Lays of Ancient Rome.” See the Gutenberg.org version available here. I missed, because I’m a sort of hit and miss autodidact in history, Maccaulay’s histories of England when I was in school. They’re available at the Gutenberg Project, as well.

Students (I almost wrote more honestly, “inmates”) in today’s “prisons for kids” have even fewer opportunities to study history. Hmmm… Ask students about the research papers they’ve written for history classes in high school. None, of course, will be your likely answer. Oh, some feelgood “projects” and such, but research papers where they are asked to dig in and explore then distill an historical event or era? Not.

Even in my educationally impoverished (by the standards Pournelle generally outlines—or by my grandfathers’ standards, for that matter) grammar and secondary school years I was required to write several research papers for history classes each year. Ancient middle east. Feudal medieval Europe. WWII. Had to narrow down a topic, expore it and relate it to the critical events of the time period. Yeh, complete bibliographies and footnotes. This was high school, after all, wasn’t it? (And the research papers were also a way for what I now know in retrospect were some good teachers to make up for the "squishy" history texts the school required us to use.)

I finally saw some of those kinds of papers required of my daughter, for example, after she went off for her bachelors degree…

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”—George Santayana

Perhaps Santayana should be modified for today: The clueless have inherited the earth. Those who have refused to learn from history are those now repeating its silliest mistakes. Witness the Miers flap, appeasement and coddling of terrorists—within Republican ranks!—and on and on…

Keep in mind: a ruling elite in a supposedly democratic republic needs an ill-informed—indeed, ignorant—electorate. We supply that with a yearly dose of high school graduates.

Let me offer another exegesis of what I guess I'll call "The Santayana Rule": if a ruling elite can keep its subjects dumb, fat and happy, then it can be free to pursue repeating the mistakes of ruling elites throughout history without serious challenge to their stupidities. Or, all that is necessary for the enslavement of a populace is the willfull creation of stupid, ignorant sheep. "Public education" today has been almost completely transformed into a tool for the carefully considered rape of liberty in America. Consider: how many Republican [speech-impaired piscines] even stopped to consider the irony of their critique of Miers' lack of judicial experience in the face of Rhenquist's long and at least moderately successful stint as Chief Justice of the SCOTUS? Oh. Didn't know? Rhenquist had no experience as a judge before his appointment to the SCOTUS. Neither had Marshall... Republican critics of Miers were too stupid to actually look at—or apparently even know—that the historical record essentially gutted some of their strongest arguments against Miers. And their supporters were also... too ignorant to know and too stupid to check. Public "education" strikes again. Now, was that a rant or what? ;-)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A 20-something prophetess speaks—

“OK, the world may be coming to an end…”—Lovely Daughter

What brought on this shattering pronouncement?


"Roasted" Peanuts

It’s Fall, already. Time for roasted peanuts.

OK, I’m too impatient to roast ‘em right any more, so this isn’t a recipe so much as a challenge to give this a try.

Microwave “roast” peanuts.

Yeh, I hate roasted and salted peanuts. The canned ones are lousy. And the salt really adds nothing to the peanuts’ flavor, IMO. Making ‘em with oven roasting works, but unless you wanna roast ‘em at really high temps (and burn ‘em so they taste even worse than canned peanuts), it takes too long for me.

Take a couple of cups of raw peanuts, shelled.
Put ‘em in the largest, flat glass dish you can fit in your microwave. Microwave on High for 10-12 minutes BUT NOT CONTINUOUSLY! Every 2 minutes for the first 6-8 minutes, stop the microwave and stir the peanuts thoroughly. Then stop it and stir ‘em every 45 seconds to a minute thereafter, up to 10 minutes.

You’ll have to experiment a bit. Microwave ovens vary quite a bit in my experience, and raw peanuts have varying amounts of moisture content. At the end of 10 minutes or so, the peanuts will be almost done, but they’ll continue to cook as they cool for quite some time. The cooking dish will be HOT, so watch it.

If, after a few minutes of cooling, you discover the peanuts aren’t quite "roasted” enough for your taste, try another 2-3 minutes, stopping the oven and stirring/checking about every 30 seconds or so. Once you get an idea of how your MW oven does, you can check less often, of course.

Give the peanuts a chance to cool a bit. Salt if you wanna (I don’t). Eat. Store leftovers (right, like there’ll be any) in an airtight container in the fridge. Just warm ‘em up a tad (in the microwave, of course) before digging in.

Miers Withdraws *sigh*

I don’t have to link it, really, since it’s all over the place.

Sad, really, that the milquetoasts in the Senate, who’ve not had the stones to stick the Dems in the eye about ideological litmus tests (just whine about it) have given in to—or worse, joined—the loony RIGHT moonbats who wanted to do the same thing with Miers.

No “sturdy conservatism of principle” in the Republican Party any more? Well, not much, it seems.

Miers was more qualified for a SCOTUS post than almost every one of her detractors are for theirs as elitist snob naysayers. The egregious Frum, with his hypocritical attacks on Miers (he praised her and predicted her appointment in July of this year) is but one of the examples of those bigmouths who were ill-qualified (from a moral standpoint, at the very least—hypocrisy is a moral problem first of all) to comment.

Let me post once again the 19th century Reformed theologian, R.L. Dabney, commenting on the kind of “conservatism” practiced by these week reeds:

"American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward to perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It tends to risk nothing serious for the sake of truth."- R. L. Dabney

Miers wouldn’t have been my pick, but then neither will anyone Bush picks next. This is yet another sad day for any genuine conservative. Mark my words: the Stupid Party has maintained its title with this one. *sigh* Linked at Stop the ACLU BTW, in comments "Annonymous" (or "AC" for "annonymous coward") pans Miers with no content to his pan and asks me "Did you see her questionaire?" My answer, here, is. "No I did not 'see' her questionaire. I read it. And understood what I read. I did not simply lap up the [sheep feed] being spread by some pundit." Anonymous (coward) obviously did not, since he (?) had nothing to point out from the questionaire, and no intelligent comment, observation or question to ask. And that, my friends, pretty much defines the lapdogs of the Loony RIGHT Moonbats. Nothing to say. "Sound bite" digs and "questions" without substance. And those were the yapping dogs (like the egregious—and hypocritical—Frum and castratti Republican Senators) who nattered on and on about Miers. All the while showing themselves to be less qualified to criticise her than she was for the office she'd been tapped for. "Stupid Party" indeed! This addendum from Jerry Pournelle:
"I will continue to say it is no bad thing to have members of the US Supreme Court who did not rise through the judicial route. The American judiciary is a rarefied atmosphere and encourages the habits of power; a judge in his courtroom has very great powers, all of the low justice and much of the middle justice, and becomes used to having that power. Some enjoy it. Judges who came up through the political process have different views. Yes, Earl Warren, perhaps the most destructive Chief Justice this nation has ever had (Taney can vie for the appellation, but we need not debate that here) was without judicial experience; but so were John Marshal and Rehnquist... Both the egregious Frum and the abominable Schumer are crowing. My favorite scenario is that the President appoints Bork. Alas, Bork is too old, so it won't happen. But my favorite scenario would be appointment of someone who will really horrify the Democrats, and then stand behind her. Unlikely, I know. The Gang of Fourteen will have its influence."
As Dr. Pournelle would perhaps say, Indeed. While I disagree with him about Robert Bork (brilliant and sound, but no temperament suitable to the bench, IMO), everything else in Pournelle's comment could have been written by a wiser and more literate version of me. :-) Read the rest at the link.

No Peddlers

From the “Nieman Marcus for Bubbas” (Sam’s Xmas) Catalog:
no peddlers
70” tall “Nutcrackers”—ouch!

I said

“No Peddlers
No Jehovah’s Witnesses”

You are warned…

ACLU: Here's Your Sign update

A work in progress…

Below is a listing of the blogposts that are a part of the ACLU: Here’s Your Sign meme pool game. While, admittedly, this game’s a fun way to ridicule the ACLU or to highlight its assaults on society, hopefully these signs will be useful in creating some real world memes of our own to aid in combating its depredations.

In no particular order, gleaned from trackbacks, following the tags and searches on both blogs that link to this post and any mention of ACLU sign meme:

Adam's Blog contributes:

"Warning: This Organization is Harmful to the Health of Our Nation"

iHillary contributes three graphic signs:

Subversion is the highest form of patriotism

ACLU: Deconstructing America

And ACLU: Jihad Wing of the Democratic Party

Ouch!  ;-)

Is it Just Me? Offers a view we can all hope for:

ACLU Crater

Stuck on Stupid rings in with

Association (of) Contemptible Leftist Ultraists

Holly at Soldiers' Angel offers


A Conservative's Corner goes for the throat:

Annihilate Civil Liberties Union--We're here to Annihilate YOUR Civil Liberties

A North American Patriot shows us the ACLU’s Checkin sign and dumpster

ACLU Dumpster

Cao's Blog pictures a leader of the ACLU’s favorite religion

ACLU Jihad

Harvey at Bad Example offers a sign from the ACLU Junta:
Unión Civil Americana De las Libertades ¡Ahora abra las fronteras! Español hablado aquí

Romeocat @ Cathouse Chat gives us a peek at the runners up in the ACLU signage picks

"Christians NOT Welcome" and "Relativistm, Hypocracy, and Immorality for All"

…then shows us the selection for the Anti-Civil Liberties Ubermensch:

"All Your Rights are Defined by Us"

TMH's Bacon Bits features another First Amendment warm fuzzy from the Anti-Christian License Union:
The ACLU's Mess-Free Cross Extraction Service In a Southern California County Near You!

Pirate's Cove finds a treasure with
Communists R' Us Your Rights Are What We Tell You

A Lady's Ruminations thumps a theme:

Anti-Christians for a Liberal Universe: We are the Devil

The Four Horsemen—cheats offers a creative buncha tags and this sign:

Asswipe Communist Losers Unite: Perpetuating the Revolution of Communal Misery One Frivolous Lawsuit at a Time!


Appeasing Criminals and Leftists Unapologetically: That's What "Civil Liberties" Means, Stupid!

Musing Minds notes the ACLU’s fondness for criminals:

ALL CRIMINAL LIBERTIES UNION We Believe in Rights for Criminals - Not for Victims!

A Knight's blog wields a mace with:

“ACLU: Making you free against your will.”

Publius Rendezvous pegs CAIR America’s the ACLU’s sign here:

Jihad With a Law Degree

Oblogatory Anecdotes paraphrases the Apostle Paul with

“If there is anything Unvirtuous, ugly or of ill-repute… “

(preach on, bro)

Jay at Stop the ACLU notes that the ACLU doesn’t hate religion

“We just hate Christianity”

Kender's Musings offers a dream sign for posting on ACLU offices:

The Right Track gives Islamic Jihadists a little help with targeting. heh
Jihadists Aim Here

Jo’s Café is so darned mean to the poor ACLU. *sigh* I wish I’d thought of

this sign


Merri Musings notes the ACLU’s protection of child rapists with her


John on Pros and Cons offers an historical perspective:

THE ACLU: “Undermining America and American Values since 1920?

And a commenter, Bart, suggested:

THE ACLU: “Driving America into the ground, so you don’t have to.”

“Got Guilt?”

“Shirkers of the World, UNITE!”


THE ACLU” “Just Sue it!”

The ACLU–This is not your father’s leftist front organization.

The ACLU: What divides us, destroys our collective morale and undermines our traditional values can only makes us stronger.

The ACLU: Defending your First Amendment rights! (unless, that is, you use those rights to advocate positions we disagree with).

*whew!* Ya think John oughta tag Bart? ;-)

The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns doesn’t seem so crazy with the

ACLU BulletinBoard

I know there are likely quite a few I’ve missed. Some folks haven’t been tracking back, others have been dropping the ball on tagging (or been outa the loop once tagged). That’s the way these things go. I’ll do an occasional search for more and update as they turn up.

Stop the ACLU interviews Alan Sears

The following interview with Alan Sears, Presient of The Alliance Defense Fund is crossposted from Stop The ACLU
Read more... First of all, I want to thank you on behalf of Stop The ACLU, all of our contributors, and supporters. It is an honor to have this interview with you. We appreciate the Alliance Defense Fund does for America by fighting the ACLU, and protecting life, and liberty. 1 Could you tell us a brief summary of how ADF came about?
Enough was enough. Dismayed by years of the erosion of liberty through activist courts in1993, thirty-five leaders of various Christian ministries came together to discuss the growing legal threats to religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) was born. ADF's purpose was to develop sufficient means to win - through training, strategy, coordination, and funding to support litigation. In just eleven short years, ADF has trained over 850 allied attorneys, 405 law students, and provided funding for over 1,500 cases, including twenty-six victories at the Unites States Supreme Court.
2. What inspired you to write your new book, The ACLU vs. America?
In December 2003, I appeared on the O'Reilly Factor to discuss the ACLU's legal attacks on the public celebration of Christmas. During that interview, Bill O'Reilly asked, tongue in cheek: "Isn't the ACLU an organization that started out with good beginnings, but has just gotten off track over the past decade?" There was no way to answer it in a 25-30 second sound bite. Craig Osten (my-co-author) and I pondered O'Reilly's question and realized that most Americans believe this myth that the ACLU had good roots. We knew that the truth had to be told: that the ACLU had a completely different agenda for America right from the start, an agenda that sought to legally undermine every American institution in order to reshape our nation as the ACLU and its founders saw fit.
3. What would you say to those people who say that just because the ACLU was founded on Communism does not mean that they still have communist goals?
Baldwin fastidiously claimed he was not a communist, and in fact, purged the ACLU board members who actually belonged to the party when Stalin and Hitler linked arms in 1939. Despite this, Baldwin had repeatedly expressed admiration for the Soviets and had many communist and socialist allies. In an interview a few years before his death, ACLU Founder Roger Baldwin said to Peggy Lamson (a former ACLU board member): "The Communists say, we don't care what the majority says, this minority is right, and if we can impose our will on the majority, we will do so." This type of self-image sums up the modern-day ACLU, which has demonstrated, time and time again, blatant disregard for the will of the people and the democratic process. For example, the ACLU has filed or supported lawsuit after lawsuit to either block public votes on constitutional amendments affirming traditional marriage, or to overturn the results (which have yet to be in the ACLU's favor). When Alaskan voters passed a constitutional amendment in 1998 affirming marriage as between one man and one woman, the ACLU's former executive director said: "Today's results prove that certain fundamental issues should not be left up to a majority vote."
4. I have read in your book that the ACLU filed a brief in favor of legalizing child pornography. When I wrote about this, many people wanted solid proof. Where can one see in the record how the ACLU defended this?
There are several examples. The files at the U.S. Supreme Court are a good starting point. In 1983, the ACLU submitted a friend of the court brief in the case of New York v. Ferber, arguing that the distribution of child pornography is protected by the First Amendment. The ACLU Policy Guide states: "The ACLU believes that the First Amendment protects the dissemination of all forms of communication. The ACLU opposes on First Amendment grounds, laws that restrict the production and distribution of any printed and visual materials even when some of the producers of those materials are punishable under criminal law." ( i.e. child pornography). In the mid-1980s, when I serving as the Director of the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, the then-legislative counsel of the ACLU testified that it was the ACLU's position that once child pornography was produced, there should be no government restriction on its sale and distribution. 5. Recently a judge in California ruled that the Mt. Soledad cross was unconstitutional despite the majority of San Diego voters supported keeping the cross. What are your thoughts on judicial activism in America today? Should judges be using international law in interpreting the Constitution?
In his biography by Peggy Lamson, Roger Baldwin said: "I placed my faith in the courts…" What he meant by that was that he knew the ACLU could not achieve its aims through state and federal legislatures or by taking their case to the people. He knew that the courts would be the most useful method of imposing the ACLU's agenda on the people. The outgrowth of that strategy is the judicial activism we see today, where the ACLU and its allies are using the courts to deny the expressed will of the people and to impose new laws via judicial fiat. In the Mt. Soledad case, the ACLU attorney James McElroy expressed his disdain for the majority when he said after the vote: "It still doesn't mean a damn thing. Voters should have never voted on it." ADF believes that judges should interpret the Constitution as written and consistent with its original meaning. It is not an "evolving document" with emanations from penumbras as judicial activists' state. As far as international law, this is just another example of how the ACLU has tried to change the rules to get their way. They came to the realization that the Constitution can only be stretched in so many ways, that they are eventually going to reach a limit with how far they can advance their agenda with domestic laws and courts alone! I think Chief Justice John Roberts said it quite eloquently during his confirmation hearing when asked about international law. He said: "Looking at foreign law for support is like looking out over a crowd and picking out your friends. Foreign law, you can find anything you want. If you don't find it in the decisions of France or Italy, it's in the decisions of Somalia or Japan or Indonesia or wherever." He went on to state that international law was a misuse of legal precedent and we would wholeheartedly agree. Nevertheless, the ACLU, along with its former counsel Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, have been the biggest proponents of using international law as precedent to undermine our national sovereignty, which millions have sacrificed and died to defend and preserve.
6. What do you find is the biggest threat to liberty in our society today? How can we counter this?
The biggest threat to liberty today is the agenda of advocates of homosexual behavior, which Craig Osten and I detail in our previous book, The Homosexual Agenda: The Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today. The ACLU has helped develop much of this agenda and has worked very closely with these advocates. The ultimate goal of many homosexual activists is to progressively silence and punish any dissenting viewpoints when it comes to homosexual behavior. In places such as Sweden and Canada, people with sincere religious objections to homosexual behavior are facing fines, loss of employment, and even imprisonment for expressing their views. How can we counter this? First of all, we can show up. When ADF and its allies have shown up against legal advocates of homosexual behavior in the courtroom, with the training, strategy, and coordination to win, we've been successful in defeating the agenda of homosexual advocates, including same-sex "marriage." Secondly, it will take resources. The ACLU and its allies, including radical advocates of homosexual behavior, have tremendous financial resources at their disposal. The ACLU Foundation has $175 million in assets. The Gill Foundation, whose mission is to push the homosexual agenda, has spent millions of dollars to achieve its aims. The Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal and Defense and Education Fund, and Planned Parenthood, all have massive amounts of funds, including millions from corporate America, to spend. Thirdly, Americans need to become educated on the threats to liberty, and that is why we wrote the ACLU book, as well as our previous book on the homosexual agenda, to awaken the majority of Americans who still respect the values of life, liberty, and family that made our nation great.
7. Is it possible to reform the ACLU? Can they be changed, or is countering them the only option?
It's not a public company and is controlled by a private board. It's tough to "reform" an organization that had a very different agenda for America right from the beginning. In addition, they have had eighty years to build the legal precedents that they have used to advance their agenda, and even if the ACLU went out of existence today, those precedents would still be in place. Therefore, it is going to take a long-term, strategic effort to reverse those legal precedents, and put new ones in place that affirm religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family.
8. What is your strategy in fighting the ACLU? Are there other ways people can get involved?
ADF has a four-fold plan to fight and eventually defeat the ACLU. That plan is training, coordination, funding, and direct litigation. Our goals include training at least 5,000 allied attorneys over the next ten years to take on the ACLU and its allies and building an in-house attorney mentoring program - to train and equip the next generation of attorneys. But you train all the attorneys you want, and if they do not have a coordinated plan of action, it is not going to make much of a difference. That is why ADF focuses on strategic coordination to make sure that we are working in unity towards a common goal of reversing the legal damage inflicted by the ACLU and its allies on our nation, rather than working against each other. Thirdly, we make sure that when our allied attorneys show up in court to take on the ACLU, that they have the necessary financial resources to win. ADF has funded over 1,500 grants for legal cases and projects in just eleven years. Finally, ADF wants to grow litigators, lawyers on our staff who are actively involved in defending religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family.
9. Currently there is legislation in the House by Congressman Hostetler that is asking to reform the attorney's fees act in the Civil Rights Act to not apply in Establishment Clause cases. Does ADF support this?
We talk about the need to reform this in our book, as it has become a financial cash cow for the ACLU and one of their weapons in their campaign of fear, intimidation, and disinformation to force public officials to bow to their agenda. While ADF does not delve into legislative issues, we hope this effort by the congressman passes to fix this loophole which the ACLU has exploited for years to bully towns and municipalities into compliance.
10. Do you support grassroots efforts like Stop The ACLU.Com and Stop The ACLU.Org in informing the people of the ACLU's actions and other civil liberties groups? How can we motivate others to get involved? What would your advice be in helping our organization's success?
ADF is thankful for any efforts that raise awareness of the ACLU's dangerous agenda for America and encourages citizens to get involved in combating it. I believe that the American people are increasingly rejecting the ACLU's agenda as more and more of it is brought into the light. Keep on doing what you are doing, highlighting the ACLU's most recent outrageous statements and positions, and I am sure your efforts will be successful.
This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please register at Our Portal, or email Jay at Jay@stoptheaclu.com. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 115 blogs already onboard.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


As against some who discount the heroic sacrifice of American troops in Iraq and Afganistan...
Powered by Castpost Think of this song and weigh the words of Lt. Col. Steve Boylan as Mass Media Podpeople and Loony Left Moonbats and their ilk in the "tear America down" crowd thump the "2,000 dead" nerve:
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Shortly before U.S. military deaths in Iraq reached 2,000 on Tuesday, the chief spokesman for the American-led multinational force called on reporters covering the conflict not to look at the event as a milestone. U.S. Army Lt. Col. Steve Boylan, director of the force's combined press center, described the number as an "artificial mark on the wall." "I ask that when you report on the events, take a moment to think about the effects on the families and those serving in Iraq," Boylan said in an e-mail. "The 2,000 service members killed in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a milestone. It is an artificial mark on the wall set by individuals or groups with specific agendas and ulterior motives."
And as you contrast the service of our men and women in uniform to the "tear America down" crowd, consider the ancient Persian advice to parents to
"Teach your children to despise all lies"
h.t. Michelle Malkin for the link to the comments by Lt. Col. Steve Boylan.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


One of the pitfalls of transparent aluminum

Plus de discours de fart de Jean Faud sKerry

From the mouth of the jackass posing as the Junior Bloviator from Taxachussetts:

"We know next to nothing about the legal philosophy of the person President Bush has selected to replace Justice O'Connor casting the deciding votes on the most difficult issues confronting our nation," said Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.)._1_

Say what?

This from a guy who promised last year to release his full military records—since, after all, his whole campaign was built on his “war hero” record—then said he had released his records, then in January of this year, promised once again to release his full records, and finally did release hi full records… to his biographer (who says he can’t talk about them) and a couple of sKerry-friendly media outlets that’ll only say, “Trust us. There’s nothing there.”

He says we know next to nothing about the legal philosophy of Miers. Guess he hasn’t read this:
Miers-rule of law
Meanwhile, all we know about Jean Fraud sKerry is that his record has “holes and gaps, lacks and losses, absences and insipidies and the like” which seem to emphasize—in the face of Jean Fraud’s on-the-record lies and slanders—that he is a lying S.O.B who crapped out and betrayed his “brothers in arms.”

We know where the B.S. is; where’s the beef, Jean Fraud?
No More sKerry BS_button
Note Cao's information, her post today and the blogroll below if you'd like to gig Jean Fraud to release his records, as he has repeatedly promised to do.

We’ve formed a blogburst group and here are the bloggers who are contributing so far. If you want to join the blogroll for Free Kerry’s 180, click here to email me, include the url for your blog. The blogburst is every Tuesday, so don’t forget to blog about it. All you have to do is encourage Kerry to set his 180 FREE, I’ll send you the code for the blogroll.

The more people we have, the merrier!

What do you listen with?

Curmudgeon mode: on. Lunch. Listening to the first movement of Mahler's Symphony #1. (BTW, it's available for a liten at the Beeb. Just poke around a while in the "radio" files. Most of 'em are real Audio--which I despise--but play well with the OLD windows Media player. heh) Anyway, listening (and recording--why not?) it struck me that I'm also listening in my head to a Leinsdorf-directed version. I do that. I hear what is happening (recording or live) but what I really hear is what's in my head. The Beeb's symphony is good. Well worth a listen. I happen to live with Leinsdorf's version in my head more. And that's really how I listen to music: with one's memory and mental "ears" tuning, comparing, editing in and out of the performance to hear the best. From what I can tell, most folks don't really listen to music. Oh, they hear what's going on, sorta. The beat affects them and some of the other sounds--maybe lyrics or whatever. But, if recording sales are any indication, what sells is stuff people can't really be listening to. If they listened to it carefully (and had ears to hear and tonal, rhythmic and linguistic development to understand what they were hearing), most top 40 "artists" would be living on skid row. Seriously. go to my blogroll and CLICK on Keep the Coffee Coming. (Or, what the heck, just CLICK on the link in the previous sentence. heh). Listen to some of the music she blogs. Compare and contrast the artistry of most of the folks she posts to the crap manufactured for top 40 rcordings. There's (usually, for almost all the songs Kat posts) a qualitative difference in prosody, melodic composition, instrumental artistry and the simple ability to reproduce pitch accurately of the music Kat posts as against the crap being churned out for big CD sales/radio play nowadays. The problem is that all too many consumers have crap for ears. And what's between their ears is so degraded (in ability to understand what the music they listen to is) that they don't even know it. Sad, really. Because better music would also help those who listen to it be more able to handle abstract thought. (ClICK HERE for just one of many lists of articles about the benefits of good music on thinking and learning) Hmmm... could it be that that is the key to Red State intelligence? Despite the crap lyrics and even crappier vowell and consonant production of so-called "country" singers, they at least still produce music that has (usually) a good sense of tonality, decent prosody, more logical structures and better-quality harmonies than other crap. Higher quality crap music=higher quality crap thinking? maybe... Curmudgeon mode: staying on...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Border Drive-by

Just stopping in briefly. Yeh, another reason to insist on assimilation: Stopped to make some lunch. Had to turn the twist-tie on a new package of corn tortillas backwards to open it. I blame some wetback working for slave labor wages in the tortilla factory who's not learned that quitessentially American lesson: Righty-tighty; Lefty-loosey. *sigh*


It’s evil and it’s ugly… but I want one!

CLICK HERE (1MB download) to play the mpeg.

h.t. Noahware

Guard The Borders--The Law of Walls and Gateways

For Guard The Borders today, I’m going to lean heavily on Daffyd ap Hugh…

In fact, if you want, you can simply skip this post entirely and go directly to this post on Big Lizards, page down until you get to his immigration comments and just read. As an intro to ap Hugh’s commentary, let me just say that while he endorses a “fence” or “wall” approach to guarding our borders, he has some interesting—no, important—things to say about gates, too.

A brief sample:

…America needs a constant influx of new blood, new ways of thinking, and new cultures... so long as the immigrants themselves are forced to assimilate. This is a point that Dennis Prager stressed with a great deal of vim (and volume). In a very literal sense, America was built by immigrants, but immigrants who had every intention of becoming Americans -- not living as Poles, Russians, Chinese, or Mexicans in exile.

Our schools should indoct[r]inate both the children of immigrants and the native born in what it means to be an American -- and why the immigrants left their home countries in the first place. Our civic, cultural, and religious institutions should echo, not fight this message. And the government should not merely encourage but require assimilation as a necessary condition to continued guest-worker privileges...

Just go there. A Feast of Talk, and the Law of Barriers

Guard the Borders… but make a way for those law-abiding citizens of other lands to become Americans, not just invade and set up their own ghettos.

(Hmmm… seems like we need to look at “allowing” some in academia, among the Mass Media Podpeople and others to learn how to become Americans, too… )

Guard the Borders Blogburst features posts every Monday on border security, immigration and related issues.
Linked at Cao's Blog--open trackback Wednesday, TMH's Bacon Bits' Bacon Break and Stop the ACLU's Open Trackback Party N.B.: edited some typos and added the links to Cao, TMH and Stop the ACLU.

Celebrating The Holy Brew

For you coffee lovers out there (and I certainly hope you all render prayers of gratitude daily—if not hourly, minute-by-minute!—for the Holy Brew (see also here for a link to a “chorale” version of The Coffee Anthem), THIS from the photoartistic eye of Rick Lee:

Coffee at Lord & Taylor’s

Oh. Yum.

h.t. What my friends have to say...

Trivial Pursuit

No, not the game. I mean something that is truly trivial to pursue.

I had another one of those “When/how did you start blogging” emails last night and it spurred me to check my stats/TTLB ranking. Trivial pursuit. Let’s see… from the time I checked the same the say before (then the *CRASH!* day of) my first “blogiversary” I have something like sixty fewer links noted by TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem. And I’m ranked about 400 places higher.

Since I’ve lost my dreadlock wig and chicken bone rattles, these sorts of voodoo phenomena have stumped me.

And, naturally, because I don’t show the sitemeter stats on my front page, my “visitors” stats are stuck at late March 2005.

But who cares? It’s a truly trivial pursuit, anyway. The real goal is distracting all the voices in my head.  Heh

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Just now trying out Opera version 9 Preview. Yeh, it's a beta version, not yet ready for prime time. or is it? So far, really, really snappy load times, great display of web pages—even faster a better in those categories than Opera 8.5, which has greeatly ourperformed both Firefox and Internet Exploder on my machines. Nice. Importing and setting up new wallpapers, skins has improved, too. Lotsa other neat new features, I'm still digging around in. Fun. Back to it. Yeh, I know: a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it... heh

UPDATE: ACLU Signage meme pool game

Going strong on three legs. One kinda petered out when the tagee forgot to play the whole game, and one is AWOL, About par. OTOH, The MaryHunter, Cao and Romeocat have all tagged some real live wires! I'll work this week on a post harvesting all the posts I can find (those who play the "ACLU: Here's Your Sign" meme pool game to a "T" are easiest to find; those who don't will be hit and miss) and making a lil linkfest outa it as a resource in developing real-world memes to combat the enemies of America that call themselves the ACLU. Meanwhile, here's one standout blogger who's really taken the bit between his teeth and bids well to run away with a first place showing if Stop the ACLU decides to hold a linkfest/vote on the best sign (I need to talk to John/Jay about that, I guess... ). Here are two of the examples of fine signage iHillary has contributed. Check the blog for more, cos there's more great info (and another sign) there, and I have a feeling more to come... iHillary, sign #1: ACLU Jihadist Donkey iHillary, sign #2: Deconstructing America (Ya just have to love the backhand reference to post modernism.) Edited post to include links to the original meme post, for reference. Linked at Stop the ACLU


What’s with that?

Can someone explain to me why women think “pink” is a color, not a vicious assault on the eyes? I mean, really, whatever devil’s brew of pigments Satan’s minions use to come up with it, pink is never more than a pallid, weak,  sickly red. Like red? Fine. Use RED. This abortion called “pink” is disgusting.

I think maybe so many women think this ugly so-called color is appealing is because of early patterning stemming from abusive parenting. I mean, folks, what else can you call it when parents inflict “pink” on girl babies—pink clothes, toys, rooms for heaven’s sake?!?!


Oh. Well. At least I have sunglasses. (Although with some so-called “pinks” a blindfold would be more useful.)

Coda: BTW, you heard that Barbie and Ken split up, didn't you? Yeh, The real story is that Ken had spent so many years being brainwashed by Barbie pink that he finally ran off with Blaine. (Yeh, Blaine was only dating Barbie to get to Ken, anyway.)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Because I can, that's why

Nah, there's no good reason. I'm just doing this cos I can. Watching some excessively violent choreography on one computer featuring the dance interpretations of Jet Li. heh Updating an old Win98 comp. Blogging this entry on another. Just cos I can, that's all.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Hot enough for ya?

Yeh, it's official: it's a rant. See the steam coming out of my ears? It’s the natural result of a normal human being coming into contact with a petty government bureaucrap.

[Warning: Stream of consciousness flowing your way. If you thought “Ulysses” and “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”—heck, anything by James Joyce—were as big a pile of crap as I did, this may not be your cuppa tea.]

Yeh, that time of the year, again. Because we live about 200 feet inside the “city limits” of this one-horse Third World County™ town, we have all the “benefits” of city livin’.

Like, for example, the fact that we’re on a city sewer line that’s older than I am, is only an eight inch line and serves an upflow/downflow population more than a hundred times the size of when it was laid. Result? Oh, backups a normal backflow valve isn’t designed to handle at least once a year. Yeh, gotta love it.

We do finally have a mostly full time police force. Well, a couple full time deputy dawgs and the weekend’s are covered by part-timers.

City hall… what shall I compare thee to?  Nah. Better not go there.

Because we are (barely) inside city limits, we have the benefit of paying the city an annual Danegeld for having dogs. Yep. We pay so the dogcatehr can be paid to run down the dogs of the irresponsible folks who let their dogs run loose. Still, that’s not unbearable. And The Boys do almost earn their keep, what with their varmint hunting in the back yard.

What is unconscionable though is what I encountered down at city hall when I went to pay the Danegeld.

Walked in. Clerk (the one clerk, whadda you think this is, a real city?) “serving” someone. I sauntered up with my documentation from the vet’s office. Yep, the person being “served” was asking about a sales tax rate chart she’d handed to the clerk. The clerk was studying it carefully with a puzzled look on her face. I glanced at it and saw that it was plainly marked as being from a different lil town some 60 miles away. Hmmm, thought I, what is the problem. As I listened, the (what would evidence itself to be so stupid as to hardly seem human) clerk said such things as, “What do you want.”  And “I don’t know.” Repeatedly.

I heard the questions she was being asked too, of course.

“Can I get a rate chart like this for Xxxxx (our town) here?”  (Response to the clerk’s “What do you want?”

Uhm, that’s the question that was answered, “I don’t know.” THEN, again, “What do you want.”

Huh?!?!? Asked and answered, dummy. If the stupid clerk hadn’t kept screwing up her face, studying and puzzling over the rate chart from another town and then asking again “What do you want?” then the other end of that stupid exchange wouldn’t have answered (looping the exchange—not elevated enough to be a conversation—once again), “Can I get a rate chart like this for Xxxxx (our town) here?”  

To which the response was again, “I don’t know”… screw up face, study the rate chart for different town again and again ask, “What do you want?”

I swear, I thought I had been transplanted to hell for that five minutes.

I was wrong. Because AFTER the mayor had popped in and told BOTH the clerk and the idiot who brought in the rate chart “We don’t have those here,” then, THEN it was MY TURN.


I swear, nothing will improve in this country until ALL the petty bureaucrats are fired and replaced by chimps who will, of course, be much more intelligent, much more ethical, much more diligent workers. You know, beings who actually EARN the wages they are being paid.

Heck. I’d swear my son’s DOGS could have filled out the paperwork faster.

First this subliterate subhuman had to find the right forms. While doing so, she noticed another person had entered and so asked that person to step to another window to be served—then proceeded to go ahead with them, leaving me to cool my heels.


I simply intervened, told the other person being “served” to wait their turn, told the clerk to get hopping on my tags and made certain it was so.

Of course, if the mayor hadn’t called me by name while he was in, carried on a short conversation with me, etc., before straightening out the previous mess, I doubt the clerk would’ve even “heard” me.

Smiling pleasantly, the idiot proceeded to slowly demonstrate a level of subliteracy that boggles the mind as she waded through filling out her paperwork. “No, you dumbass,” I thought, “you don’t have to write “canine” there, since there’s a checkbox with ‘canine’ two spaces before it.” But I only thought it. “What color is the dog?” Damn. Still on dog #1? *Sheesh!* LOOK AT THE VET’S CERTIFICATE DUMBASS! THAT’S WHAT IT’S FOR! (Again, just a thought bubble.) Takes the original over to the copier to make a copy. Of course, she already has a carbon copy right there, plain as day. Stupidity. Does same one more time. Slowwwwwwwer.

Oh, there’s more, so much more.

Ya know, this “person” exemplifies much of what is wrong with the TSA, tag agencies, DMVs, etc.,—in fact almost every single solitary government employee outside the military I am ever likely to come into contact with: When a stupid person does something they KNOW is wrong, they always claim they are simply doing their job.

Of course, that so many government employees are doing jobs that the government shouldn’t be doing to begin with isn’t the point at all (well, not of this little tale) is it, now?

Nah, this government employee, though of the lowest rung on any scale of authority—a salaried functionary a small city office—is an example of the multiplied thousands like her: taking a paycheck for NOT doing a job (that often doesn’t need doing, anyway) well. In my book, that’s theft. The great thing about being a government “burrocrap”—however far down the totem pole—is that stealing from the people you abuse is such a great way for incompetent self-made idiots to make a living.

At least I feel much better now.

(Oh, and for the “WWJD” namby-pamby  crowd, let me refer you to Matthew, chapter 21. Oh, for a flail and a few tables to overturn! And yeh, I know that passage doesn’t directly apply to thieves in bureraucrapic civil government garb. But it could… ) Here ya go. This just begged to be added. Kipling on servants (and that's what petty bureaucrats claim to be, right? "Public servants"?):
The Servant When He Reigneth
"For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear. For a servant when he reigneth, and a fool when he is filled with meat; for an odious woman when she is married, and an handmaid that is heir to her mistress." -- PROV. XXX. 21-22-23. Three things make earth unquiet And four she cannot brook The godly Agur counted them And put them in a book -- Those Four Tremendous Curses With which mankind is cursed; But a Servant when He Reigneth Old Agur entered first. An Handmaid that is Mistress We need not call upon. A Fool when he is full of Meat Will fall asleep anon. An Odious Woman Married May bear a babe and mend; But a Servant when He Reigneth Is Confusion to the end. His feet are swift to tumult, His hands are slow to toil, His ears are deaf to reason, His lips are loud in broil. He knows no use for power Except to show his might. He gives no heed to judgment Unless it prove him right. Because he served a master Before his Kingship came, And hid in all disaster Behind his master's name, So, when his Folly opens The unnecessary hells, A Servant when He Reigneth Throws the blame on some one else. His vows are lightly spoken, His faith is hard to bind, His trust is easy boken, He fears his fellow-kind. The nearest mob will move him To break the pledge he gave -- Oh, a Servant when he Reigneth Is more than ever slave!

Apra il partito di "Trackback"

Feelin' a little Italian, today, but please don't tell on me, 'K?

Blogger doesn’t “do” open trackbacks. In fact, without such as Haloscan, blogger doesn’t do trackbacking at all.  Basil has done a yeoman’s work explaining a kludge that allows a sorta open trackback post on Blogger, but I’m not going there Too much like work for my taste (I do this to amuse the voices in my head, not as work. Heh).

That said, this is an “Open Trackback” post, anyway. Nah, it’ll not an automatic open trackbacking kinda thing. But it’ll be real. Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. Select one of your posts from this week that you want to have the extra attention both of my regular readers (heh) are capable of lavishing on links they notice here.

  2. Put a link to my blog (this post or any other) somewhere on that post, then post a trackback to this post.

  3. I’ll check back here periodically and re-edit this post to pull your trackback onto my front page, so your link will be there for both of my regular readers and for link-hunting scripts to find (for technoratti or TTLB Ecosystem to find, for example).

Oh, and I ALWAYS visit blogs that trackback to me. Well, unless I miss their trackback. I’m only human, despite what my Wonder Woman says.

Other blogs doing open trackbacks:

Cao’s Blog
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