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Sunday, October 23, 2005


What’s with that?

Can someone explain to me why women think “pink” is a color, not a vicious assault on the eyes? I mean, really, whatever devil’s brew of pigments Satan’s minions use to come up with it, pink is never more than a pallid, weak,  sickly red. Like red? Fine. Use RED. This abortion called “pink” is disgusting.

I think maybe so many women think this ugly so-called color is appealing is because of early patterning stemming from abusive parenting. I mean, folks, what else can you call it when parents inflict “pink” on girl babies—pink clothes, toys, rooms for heaven’s sake?!?!


Oh. Well. At least I have sunglasses. (Although with some so-called “pinks” a blindfold would be more useful.)

Coda: BTW, you heard that Barbie and Ken split up, didn't you? Yeh, The real story is that Ken had spent so many years being brainwashed by Barbie pink that he finally ran off with Blaine. (Yeh, Blaine was only dating Barbie to get to Ken, anyway.)