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Saturday, February 12, 2005

A General Summary

I stole the subject of this post from Kipling for a reason... Lynne Stewart, so-called "activist" lawyer, is convicted of aiding her client, has been convicted "...of helping terrorists by smuggling messages of violence from one of her imprisoned clients -- a radical Egyptian sheik -- to his terrorist disciples on the outside." Promptly squeals, whines and goes running to sympathetic fellow-travelers in the Mass Media Podpeople's Army. Eason Jordan, erstwhile vice-president at CNN, in charge of CNN "News"—the most busted name in news—quits in hopes that the furor over his accusations of the U.S. military deliberately targeting jourmalists for assassination will die on the vine. He has the power—he sits on the board of the sponsoring group—to get the tape of his Davos conference remarks released but won't. Yeh, that tells us all we need to know about what he said, as opposed to what he now says he said. Harry Reid can do nothing in the face of Republicans citing his actual words and deeds of record except whine that citations of fact are "personal attacks." (Poor baby. If his public life were factually different, he'd have nothing to whine about at all, it seems.) Teddy Kennedy. 'nuff said. Jean Fraud sKerry. Too much said. Why detail all the corruption and evil commited by people in positions of trust? Kipling said it as well as can be said. (And no apologies from me to people who've heard me quote this for years):
A General Summary Rudyard Kipling WE ARE very slightly changed From the semi-apes who ranged India’s prehistoric clay; He that drew the longest bow Ran his brother down, you know, As we run men down to-day. “Dowb,” the first of all his race, Met the Mammoth face to face On the lake or in the cave: Stole the steadiest canoe, Ate the quarry others slew, Died—and took the finest grave. When they scratched the reindeer-bone, Some one made the sketch his own, Filched it from the artist—then, Even in those early days, Won a simple Viceroy’s praise Through the toil of other men. Ere they hewed the Sphinx’s visage Favouritism governed kissage, Even as it does in this age. Who shall doubt “the secret hid Under Cheops’ pyramid” Was that the contractor did Cheops out of several millions? Or that Joseph's sudden rise To Comptroller of Supplies Was a fraud of monstrous size On King Pharaoh’s swart Civilians? Thus, the artless songs I sing Do not deal with anything New or never said before. As it was in the beginning Is to-day official sinning, And shall be for evermore!