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Saturday, March 26, 2005

*rara avis*

Have you ever known one of these? I've never had the pleasure/priviledge of working for or with a supervisor/manager/boss like this:
"He's loyal to his employees; he knows them and cares about them and treats them well. He goads them to make sure he hears all points of view. He does not encourage rivalry and competition among them. He surrounds himself with people who are widely regarded as being smarter than he is, and values the ideas of those who are better-informed..." —Orson Scott Card
Who was Orson Scott Card talking about, this rare person who embodies the commonsense approach we all wish our boss/manager/supervisor in some (probably past) job had embodied? Is it some character in one of his well-written novels? Possibly a protagonist who overcomes great obstacles and triumphs because of the heroic character that truly values those he leads? No. Orson was synopsizing Ari Fleischer's description iof President Bush in Fleischer's new book, Taking the Heat..