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Saturday, May 07, 2005

A simple recipe

When you're brewing a pot of The Holy Bean in honor of your Blogmother (for Blogmothers Day™, of course, silly)...
...Keep in mind these simple tips (below).
It's a simple process that always yields a reliable brew.  I'm not a "great" coffee brewer.  Not quite anal enough, I guess.  I don't roast my own beans or anything like that, and I'm not a fanatic coffee gourmand. But I like good coffee and prefer drinking coffee to sludge, so:
1.) ALWAYS use a CLEAN pot.  No, cleaner than that. And filtered water, please.
2.) Use fresh coffee.  Your fav, depending on taste; whole or pre-ground, whatever.  But fresh. (And of course in amounts to your taste.)
3.) A pinch of non-iodized salt on top of the grounds and
4.) Pre-wet the grounds with just enough brew-temp water to swell them.  Let it sit for just a bit to swell, then brew. (If using a French press, skip this.)
Works for me.
Oh, and for tutorials on how to use arcane coffee paraphernalia, Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea is developing some links.