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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Obligatory periodic post about blogging

Yeh, yeh, everybody does this from time to time...

I finally decided about an hour ago to look into this "RSS Feed" thingy. heh Yeh, yeh, I have a ton of feeds I subscribe to. After all, Opera makes it almost painless—just click on the lil RSS/Atom/XML tag in the address bar and I'm subscribed. But I've never pinged any of the places that (sorta) track RSS feeds or done anything to maintain or promote my feed, so...

...Read a coupla articles, pinged a couple servers, whatever. So, what happens next is in the hands of the server widgets (they're kinda like brownies, only ya don't have to put milk out for 'em).

Now, if only I could figure what's making blogger change my fonts as I upload a post... I see the changes in the html made AFTER I upload, just can't figure what's doing it. The file stays the same on my computer, just changes somewhere between there and blogger... stranger and stranger...Still haven't caught the culprit. Let's see if editing the html directly using the blogger "crappy interface" works...