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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Open Trackback Parties Continue...

But N.Z. Bear calls them SPAM... (Does N.Z. Bear know what SPAM is?)

Don Surber has the poop. (Yes, I said "poop" and I meant "poop". Ya wanna make something of it? :-)

Track yourself right on back to THIS post, 'K?

hat tip to Stop the ACLU and a tip o' the hat to Mr. Big at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns

Hey, folks! Did you know that Technoratti counts ALL your links? And it has analogs to the N.Z. Bear "communities" and more info about who's linking to you than you can shake a stick at. Tried Technoratti tags? Easy as pie, and useful, too. TTLB doesn't "do" Technoratti-style tags.

I wonder how N.Z. Bear would rank in his own ecosystem if everyone took the TTLB script and links off their pages? heh Who really links his posts, anyway?

Just thinkin' out loud, here...


Wants to call legitimate posts "spam"? Maybe this will get around his "spam" filters:

Meanwhile, at Stop the ACLU, NZ Bear Killing the Trac*k*back Parties
"Looks like NZ Bear wants to dampen the fun. Don Surber has the details. "

Big Dog's Weblog says, No Slack For Trac*k*back Open Trac*k*back Party
"Looks like NZ Bear at TTLB has decided that he will filter out tra*ckb*acks so that the links will not count as part of the ecosystem statistics."

Diane's stuff is Hosting Wednesday Weekly Open Tra*ckb*ack Alliance Fest, anyway."There are other Alliance members holding open tra*ckb*ack posts today, you can find them listed on the blogroll as well."

The Tra*ckb*ack Parties Will Continue "Don Surber has word that Truth Laid Bear is going to start cracking down on Open Trackback parties and not counting those links towards the TLLB ecosystem standings," according to Adam.

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