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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Open Post and Around and About

Open post. You know the drill. If not, check the foot of this post.

Fred, again. *sigh* Man, when will you ever learn: a prophet is not loved in his own country? Oh. That's why you live south of the border, now. Good thing, cos that's probably the only thing keeping you safe from the object of this article. heh(Thanks, Hugh, for the reminder to check Fred's site.)

Woody (Woody's News and Views) does good blog on a regular basis. I semi-featured this post late yesterday, but it needs to be brought "above the fold" as it were: Chris Matthews, Dhimmi Of The Week, at Woody's News and Views.

Another snippet from Jerry Pournelle's site, this time from his hand,

"Frances Fukuyama thought that with the fall of the USSR we had reached The End of History, and all that was left was to chronicle the spread and consolidation of liberal democracy -- even as liberal democracy was collapsing in the United States, becoming a persecuting religion in the schools and universities, and thus losing its soul. Once liberals read John Stuart Mill and loved freedom. N0w they read Rawls (actually at two generations removed; Rawls is well nigh unreadable by those unconvinced) and deny tenure to anyone who doesn't subscribe to the politically correct version of events."

Do take the time to read it all. It's a response to an email correspondent in yesterday's Chaos Manor Mail. (Note: Pournelle's "Day Book" format is arranged exactly opposite of most blogs, so paging DOWN brings current info into view.)

If you have not yet read The English Guy's post here yesterday, stop, CLICK HERE and read. Click to sign the petition if you care about national security.

I hope you didn't miss this trackback to Clark Mountain Musings, yesterday. I disagree with the post in only one regard: I think the situation is humorous, even if it isn't belly-laugh funny. heh. Oh, irony, thy personification is French... Clark Mountain Musings is new to me yesterday (found 'em in my open trackbacks, folks), and I'm already a tad upset with the blog cos I have only so many hours in a day, and even speedreading via a broadband connection isn't enough to let me keep track of all the good reads! And here's another one! *sheesh!* :-)

Kender Learns to Love Me ;-) *ducking*

Well, I'll add more later, I'm sure, but now, on to...

Mr. Magoo's Christmas CarolOK, adding this lil random piece of fun: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol. Haven't seen this one in a while? Get one-a yer own! This one's mine! :-)



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