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Friday, December 16, 2005

I wish...

Over at Bou's, and she says, "If you're reading this, you're tagged"...

Man. I already did one blogosphere meme pool game this week!

But, dutiful reader that I am... here 'tis. List three things you wish in this format:

1. Finish the sentence: "I wish I ..." - - Basically, pretend you had up to three wishes to change something about you. A restriction is that [you] cannot wish to change someone else. For example, you can say; "I wish I weighed 30 pounds less." But this wish is not for this meme; "I wish my spouse weighed 30 pounds less."

2. If you are reading this, you are "tagged" with this meme.

OK, here goes:

1.) I wish I were a patient person. *tap, tap, tap, tap* NOW, already! C'mon! *sheesh* I'm not gonna wait all day. Get with it!

2.) I wish I didn't care if the Mets were in the Series next year. Not that I'm so fond of the Mets, you know, but well, it'd be a sign of the approaching Appocalypse or something. (Even cooler would be if the Met were in the Series. "Did you see that? Did you see that?!? The soprano belted that ball right outa the park with her high "C"!") Hey! Wish came true already! Yay!!! I don't care if the Mets (or even the Met) is in the Series next year! Wow! This stuff really works!

3.) I wish I didn't feel obligated to play these silly games. ZOWEE!!! Another wish come true! Now I can just play 'em cos I want to (cos bloggers who take themselves too seriously to play games are fulla B.S.)

But I'm still waiting on the patience thing. Nah, I'm not. Better things to do than wait around on something like that.

You read this? you're tagged. but I won't know about it unless you track back to this post or leave a comment with a link to your "I wish I... " post, so get with it.

[BTW, see that big blank space over in my left sidebar? It's where the Ipso Facto Comic blog goes. Typepad is "down" and displaying only archives from a week to ten days ago for Typepad accounts, so... just wait. It'll be back.]