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Friday, December 16, 2005

OTA Free-for-All Post

This is an Open Trackbacks Alliance Free-for-All. Come on in. Don't kick the cat; don't spit on the floor. Whatever else you have to share, just link to this post and put it in a trackback. I have no time to go looking for things this a.m., so fill the thing up and I'll try to get around to adding stuff later. The door's open all weekend on this puppy, so feel free.

The Mary Hunter has a decent explanation of what to do, juuuust in case this thing's new to you:

"(What's a trackback? Bad Example explains.) If your blog software can't send trackbacks you can use Wizbang's Standalone Trackback Pinger. If you have trouble, please leave a comment. Of late, I've been hard-linking thingies to Bacon Break posts as time permits, for you Egosystem enthusiasts (such as myself ;-) )."

BTW, TMH's Bacon Bits is having a Bacon Break - Chipmunk-O-Rama Weekend, so drop by there and hoist a few, eh (even though he does inflict the Chipmunks on visitors--give 'im a break: aside from the Chipmunks thing, a pretty decent person)? Other parties:


F. Stray Dog
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S. Point Five
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D. Colbert Report
Wknd. Oblogatory Anecdotes
Wknd. The Right Nation
Wknd. The Uncooperative Blogger
Wknd. Stuck On Stupid
Wknd. Robinik.net

And you just might find a party going on if you drop by one of these. (Well, for sure at most of 'em).

Outside The Beltway
Jo's Cafe
Basil's Blog
Mudville Gazette
California Conservative
bRight & Early
The Indepundit
Two Babes and a Brain

I'll likely update this from time to time as the day wears on and I squeeze some time.