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Monday, December 05, 2005

A question of intelligence

I made comment earlier today that most of my readers seem to be from the right side of the bell curve (in terms of "g" potential), and in fact, I suspect that a goodly many are a tad further right of center than I am on that old debil IQ score. So, I have a lil non-scientific test for ya. View the video below and ascertain what you think the nature of the interaction is between

a.) the questioners and Donald Rumsfeld

b.) Donald Rumsfeld and General Pace (the other person answering reporters' questions).

Then CLICK HERE and read material quoted in the report that accompanied the video on the site where I found the video and answer the questions found at the link back here in comments.

Yeh, I know it's overly cumbersome. That's part of the "test" silly... :-)

(Off-topic: Congrats to Ferdie for passing the 100,000 mark! That's one smart cat! CLICK on over and leave your own congratulatory note, 'K?)
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