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Monday, February 06, 2006

About that Danish thing...

I feel so left out. Musselmen are awefully angry at a few Danes for speaking (well, drawing) their piece in some cartoons. Where the hate spewed my way? Would I have to say something on the order of "Mohamed was the bastard offspring of a sypillitic dog having anal intercourse with a gonorrhetic sow"?

Do you think that would do it, or should I have that translated into Arabic?

Come on, Islamic camel lovers! Surely you have some hate left over for me! Come on over to America's Third World County™. We would welcome y'all with open... gunsights.

Asking for trouble at Pirates! Man Your Women! and Cathouse Chat's "Glass Parking Lot. Seriouslty" (where Romeocat almost gets on board with something I've advocated for a long, long time... :-)