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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Around and About —120705

Anything new?

(Click to Enlarge)

When things get hot, the Global Warming Cultists scream, "Global Warming!"-naturally. And when things are cold? Same old same old... naturally

Heh. I had gotten tons of mail in a church music e-list about this, blogged a short piece, then I saw Freedom Folks had blogged it, too: Churches This Christmas, no prayers will be said in several megachurches around the country. Even though the holiday falls this year on a Sunday

[Santa's gonna put some coal in some pastors' stockings fer sure... ]

Oh, for some reason that reminds me: watch out for Christmas Music Gone Bad. Happens every year, but some examples can cause excruciating pain for folks who have good ears. Try this one, if you dare. (mp3 file) I warned you. If you have a stomach of cast iron, plated with stainless steel, click to listen to the mp3 below. But remember: I warned you!

I've heard worse, but not by much... well, unless you count popcrap posing as "music".

Brainless Wonder Commits Suicide by Proxy! *yawn* An example of micro-evolution? A candidate for the Darwin Awards? Rigoberto Alpizar claims to have a bomb in his backpack and tries to run from armed sky marshalls. What did he expect? That they'd throw Nerf ballls at him? A little chlorine in the shallow end of the gene pool, please! Move along, folks. Nothing to see here but a thimbleful of brains, slowly cooling...

TMH's Bacon Bits: Mainstream Media's Green-shaded Glasses Who enables the eco-moonbats? Who gives them voice, respect, affirmation? The moonbat-loving, science-ignorant, agenda-driven press, of course.

["Mainstreeam Media" my bippie. Get it right, dude: Mass Media Podpeople. ;-) ]

The Real Ugly American finds a "Real Ugly Post" on another blog: More Lies From The Left! I do not know if he is an misinformed nitwit or a liar but it has to be one of the two. This morning I visited Blogenlust for the first time. Through a link on Memeorandum to his post Cognitive Dissonance Is Dead....

[Can't trust someone who'd write for a e-rag called "Blogenlust" anyway. Probably channeling Jimmie Carter's dead brain. You know, the one he keeps in his peanut. Right next to his nutria hunting trophy.]

Riffing off my Kerry 180 Bonus Post and adding a LOT of good info, Radioactive Liberty notes how Democrats Relive Vietnam The Democrats can't seem to get past the Vietnam template. Every lesson they learned from those formative years was wrong. They continue to align themselves with the enemies of America, and do so intentionally with the demise of the American way...

[Yep. Today's Dems are never happier than when they can invoke their victory over the South Vietnamese people.]