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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Guard the Borders (Monday's post... today :-)

I recieved some disturbing, but not altogether unexpected, news from an aquaintance in email the other day. It seems the Loony Left Moonbats/Mass Media Podpeople/Hate America First crowd are setting up a straw man argument against immigration control via an ad hominem attack on Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo.

As I said, it's not unexpected. The Loony Left Moonbats/Mass Media Podpeople/Hate America First crowd have no real arguments to counter genuine legal, security, economic and even moral arguments in favor of genuine immigration control and cultural assimilation, so they have now begun attempting to tar the Congressman who is most visible and vocal in his attempts to Guard the Borders with the "racist" slur.

Here's Glenn Greenwald's take on the matter (a TWC™ Recommended Read). A sample:

"All in a single one-line post, Oliver Willis manages to perfectly illustrate the cheapest, most intellectually dishonest -- and, for those who wield it in the immigration debate, the most self-destructive -- form of argumentation."

Read the whole thing.

What ought we to do? I'm all for a combination of efforts: Jerry Pournelle's suggestion that we institute a bounty for illegals (with appropriate controls to curb abuses); Dafydd ab Hugh's "Walls and Gates" (my paraphrase-scroll way down on the linked article) idea-create strong, well-policed, barriers to further illegal immigration and means for those who want to visit/live here legally to do so as well as for those who want to become AMERICAN citizens to do so.

But those who want to circumvent our laws, form their own little enclaves of non-American mini-states (like France has allowed Muslims to do) must be brought to heel.

UPDATE: Fixed the link to the Greenwald article]


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders blogburst, brought to you every Monday by Euphoric Reality. The purpose of Guard the Borders is to raise awareness about the illegal immigration problem. If you care about our borders and want to join the blogburst, send your blog name and URL to kit.jarrell at gmail dot com.

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