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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Magical Talking Head! (A Free Kerry's 180/Open Post)

Open Post. Do your thing. Link to this post and track back at will.


The amazing thing is this thing still shows signs of pseudo-life! But the "Grows new feet and tail"? Not so amazing... What great feat is it for Jean Fraud sKerry to grow a new tale? His life is a string one unbelieveable tale after another. From "immaculate conception" (of at least one Purple Heart), through consorting with, giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war (while still officially an officer in the Navy), slandering ALL those who served in Vietnam, and flip-flopping his way through a Senate career and Presidential race. Why should every new tale about releasing his records be considered anything new?

What is amazing is that he gets a bye on every lie from a media that will have a feeding frenzy whenever President Bush does not lie (calling honest statements lies when they are not--hmm, sounds familiar. In another context such behavior was attributed to satanic influence... )

A simple question for Senator Jean Fraud sKerry: where are the records you promised 310 days ago, on national television, to release? Still tied up and held "in confidence" at the Boston Glob (not a misspelling), the LA Slimes and with your biographer, all of whom say they do not have release from you to reveal their entire contents? Indeed, none of them indicate that they yet have the entire contents of the records you said you released 200 days ago.

General aside: will someone please set this liar's [figurative] pants on fire? heh. Maybe then he'd be moved to actually-gasp!-keep his word.

Nah. Then besides a feet and tail he'd also have to grow some integrity. And that's much harder for something like Jean Fraud sKerry to do. Something on the order of a camel passing through the eye of the needle.

From TMH's Bacon Bits (Hey! like the graphic, dude! *VBG*),


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