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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Around and About–120605

Around and about for the last coupla days (so far)


Texas politics with national repercussions from freedom folks: Artfully Drawn Districts Tom DeLay has been in the news again recently regarding the redrawing of political districts in Texas. I'll be honest -- I haven't been following that closely, so I'm not up on all the facts...

[Well, you just knew I'd have a perspective... My take? Republicans took advantage of their first chance to correct Democratic gerrymandering and other abuses of the past 30+ years in Texas. But that's just me... one man, one vote, and all that.]

IRIS Blog notes more political correctness over-riding free (and honest) speech on campus: Princeton Censors Ex-PLO Speakers; Likely to Hire PLO Professor Princeton U. Says Campus Event Against Terrorism is “Too Inflammatory” Princeton University has cancelled a speaking event by three former Middle East terrorists because it says that the use of the word "terrorist" in the promotion for the event ...
[yep. Can't have people calling a spade a spade, even if their first name is Sam or David... Academis Nuts strike again: "Oooo! 'Terrorist' is such a loaded term. let's call them 'poor, misunderstood members of the [*spit* *gag*] religion of peace"]

The Florida Masochist offers a lesson in semantics and common sense: Bogus Excuse #2 That the person means something entirely different. Case in point here. Judith Miller is no longer working for the NY Times, Scooter Libby is under indictment and now Valerie Plame is leaving the CIA. My view on this entire story remains unchanged.
[Can't have people say what they mean and mean what they say, now! No! Politicians, Mass Media Podpeople and Academia Nuts would all be out of work and loony Left Moonbats would all be in therapy (well those that aren't already)!]

The Florida Masochist asks a question that's been keeping folks awake nights (or not): Are Howard Dean and Frank Rich the same person? So its been done before. The Democrats claim Republicans live in the past, when it so often is them in reality. I wouldn't give much credence to anything Governor Dean says, he is either small minded or don't know what he is saying more often than no...

[OK, I have to know. Are they? ;-)]

And again, from The Florida Masochist (who's leaving no electrons for the WindowsXP fish): The Palm Beach Post is going to the dogs For the second time in a month, The Post is featuring people fighting over a pet dog. As amusing or dumb these stories are, the paper is still delinquent on covering the missing Food stamp card story. The real priorities of my hometown newspaper are ...
[But the pressing question is: did anyone BITE the dog?]

DL, posting at TMH's Bacon Bits, celebrates the lack of tree-abortion clinics 2,000 years ago: Thank God Its Mother Didn’t Practice “Choice” Cut down a tree, and get howling from the eco-worshiping left. Yet, a daily occurrence of cutting down future gems is exactly the madness of our abortion industry.
[heh. Droll, DL... hit 'em again, harder]

And, again at TMH's Bacon Bits,  DL rolls right on with what might appear to be a rhetorical question... but with DL's substantive answer, isn't: Why Do Liberals Hate Bush? Yes, the party of deceit hates Bush, because they hate truth - and Bush is a refreshingly truthful man. They fear his truth, because they know it can defeat their lies.

[Uhm, DL, I think you got almost all the reasons but one: faux liberals (the ones who hate Bush) are just stuck in a retarded emotional development phase... at about 2 years of age. Crybabies.]

Is It Just Me? notes another "reality-based" fantasist: Impudence To The End
Excerpt: Defiantly, Saddam Hussein and his half-brother Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti are pictured shouting down the court disrupting what little control the judge has over the proceedings. The outbursts have continued throughout the proceedings so far, riddling ...

[Yeh, well I still say Saddam had better hope my Baptist preacher grandfather was wrong in his belief in a literal hell. But in his case, I'd say that's a slim hope indeed.]

More Israeli news from Tel-Chai Nation: Suicide bomber attacks Netanya mall In another blow to Ariel Sharon's credibility, a sucide bomber attacked a shopping mall in Netanya today. The Islamic Jihad and Al-Aksa Martyr's Brigade, the latter which is affiliated with Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah gang, both claimed responsibility

[Appeasement never works... ]

This news from The Land of Ozz reminds me of that old saying about gun control being hitting the target... Merry, Happy, Season’s Greetings from Target
Excerpt: The fight by some to take Christ our of Christmas is running hot. The American Family Association (AFA) is taking a stand against Target for its policy of not using the term “Merry Christmas”. Focus on the Family reports AFA Founder and ...
[Ready... Aim... ]

The Real Ugly American asks, McCain in 08? Major Garret of Fox news was just on the Bill Bennet Show and stated “many many things are moving in John McCain’s direction for 2008”. He cited as evidence this exchange between McCain and Tim Russert on Meet the Press yesterday...

[And my answer is a prayer: Dear God, I hope not! I can see it now: Snake McCain for President. Gag a maggot.]

Now this post from Stuck On Stupid is what I call an "RCOB"* piece of news: A Disgusting Death Wish To A Soldier Joshua Sparling6900 Georgia Ave NWBldg. 2 Ward 57Washington, DC 20307-5001 That is the address of a soldier that received one card. That Card written in a child's hand wished him death. That card was the only one that he received in the week that he h...

[*RCOB="Red curtain of blood" for the nearly berserker rage at the filth that would pen such a poisonous missive]

Bloggin' Outloud notes the essential difference between dogs and cats. Dogs vs Cats They feed me, they love me, they take care of all my needs. What's the conclusion? Find out at Dogs vs Cats Open Post at Bloggin' Outloud.
[Hmmm, sounds like a "real person" vs. "reality-based egotistic fantasist" deal to me...]


More later... or not. We'll see.