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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

OTA Wednesday Post—with a wee dose of UN-PC talk

"What's OTA?" you may ask. OK, I said you may ask. Asking, now? 'K.


OTA is essentially a group of folks who are too lazy (or too busy, have let their blogrolls get too large to read through in a day, etc.) to go out and hunt up all the interesting posts they wanna read and simply "let" suckers do their work for them other folks bring interesting posts to their doorstep. So, go ahead and link to this post, then trackback here. It'll show up below, I'll have an easy time finding good stuff to read and then I'll round 'em up and comment on 'em later.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this lil politically incorrect thought: evil white man shoved "the first Americans" off "their" land? Poppycock. The "first Americans" weren't the first. Not even the second. Check this out: for some strange reason, people-NOT of current "native American" stock-were living in California (of all places) at least 135,000 years ago.

Void all those deeds, folks! We need to go out and hunt up these people's progeny and pay reparations! (Right after we hunt up the folks who supplanted them and have them pay and then the current stock of "native Americans" and have them pay... get in line. It'll be our turn toward the end. heh)

Shamelessly flogged at Diane's Stuff, NIF and TMH's Bacon Bits.